Beginner’s Beauty Tour:

In the Beginner’s Beauty Tour, participants will learn how to do their own makeup like a Hollywood Professional! In between lessons participants will experience some of the best shopping and site seeing in the world.

In your online and in-person lessons you will learn:

History of Cosmetics, Basic Skin Care, Tools of the Trade, Makeup Kit Essentials, Product Knowledge, Sanitation & Hygiene, Facial Shapes & Characteristics, Color Use, Proper Placement, Shade & Undertone, Matching & Applying Foundation, Natural Beauty Make-up, Daytime Makeup, Evening Makeup, Brow Shaping, Tweezing, Trimming, Filling In – Pencil & Powder, Eye Shadow Application, Blending Techniques, Eyeliner Application, False Eye Lash Application (Strips, Individual & Lower Lashes), Corrective and Camouflage Technique, Blush and Bronzer Application, Lip Color Application and Shaping, Highlight and Contouring Techniques, Overlay Drawing Techniques, Beauty Design & Creation, Canvas Preparation & Correction, Mature Makeup, Male Corrective Makeup, Liquid Eyeliner Applications, Professional Foundation Techniques, Professional Color Theory, Professional Blending, Facial Structure, Matching Skin Colors, Custom Color Blending.